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Italian Restaurant

Our Italian restaurant specializes in some of the most delicious food known to the world! The reason for this lies in the cuisine's expert mix of starches, meats, vegetables, and (most importantly) sauces that have been handed down from the old country through generations.

When it comes to Italian dishes, a few examples are chicken and pasta dishes. It’s great for any social event, and you’ll often see it to satisfy guests at a party.

Pasta is also in high demand, and is practically the symbol of Italian cuisine. Ranging from simple mixes of noodles and meatballs to elaborate culinary works of art, it’s among the most adaptable kinds of restaurant food in the world.

Manhattan Fine Dining Restaurant allows all our guests the chance to experience the best of what fine dining restaurant has to offer, in a casual and relaxed atmosphere. Our service staff combines the finer points of service that you come to expect from a fine dining establishment, along with a friendly demeanour to provide an experience free of pretentiousness and attitude. The individuality of our service staff and creativeness of our kitchen gives our guests a dining experience second to none.

If you’re looking for a great Italian restaurant in Lufkin, TX, try Manhattan Fine Dining Restaurant today!